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Mission Critical, Foster Homes Needed!

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Terms of Adoption

  1. Care of Our Rescues: Our dogs are adopted to loving homes who want a Collie for the intelligence, charm, and companionship they offer. As rescue Collies, our dogs have already been through enough heartache in their lives. Dogs adopted from Houston Collie Rescue will not be used for animal research or experiments, breeding, attack training, or dog fighting; they will not be tied up or chained, confined exclusively outdoors, abused, neglected, given to another owner, or abandoned to the streets. Houston Collie Rescue reserves the right to check on the status of our rescue Collie and to request updates, removing our rescue Collie if we discover these terms are violated by the adopter; there will be no refund of the donation.

  2. Return: The adopted dog may be returned to Houston Collie Rescue within two weeks of the date of adoption for full refund of payment if the adopter is not satisfied with any aspect of the adoption. After two weeks from the above date, no refund will be given even if the dog is returned to Houston Collie Rescue.

  3. Transfer of Ownership: The adopted dog may not be transferred to any other person for any reason. If the undersigned adopter is forced to relinquish custody of the dog at any time, said dog will be relinquished only to Houston Collie Rescue.

  4. Refund: There will be no refund or reimbursement for any expenses incurred by the adopter for the adopted dog, even if it is returned to Houston Collie Rescue.

  5. Health Program: The adopted dog will be cared for humanely, including adequate food, shelter, water, heartworm preventative, flea medication, and veterinary care and will be licensed in accordance with the laws in the jurisdiction in which he resides. The dog is to be exercised in a fenced yard or on a leash and shall NOT BE FREE TO ROAM THE STREETS.

  6. Loss: If the adopted dog is lost or stolen, the adopter will notify Houston Collie Rescue immediately so we can use our resources to help locate the dog as soon as possible.

  7. Reservation of Rights: Houston Collie Rescue reserves the right to enforce this contract in order to protect the welfare of the adopted dog. It is understood that Houston Collie Rescue may examine and may make inquiry about said dog at any time. If the terms and conditions of the Adoption Agreement are not upheld, Houston Collie Rescue reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and to reclaim the dog; there will be no refund of the donation.

  8. Liability: If the dog develops behavioral or serious health problems in the new owner's care, the adopter may return the dog to us but will not hold Houston Collie Rescue responsible for such sudden changes.

  9. Return Check Charge: There will be a $25.00 charge on all returned checks submitted by the adopter.

  10. Pricing: $275.00 for all dogs age 1-9, $125 for dogs 10+, and $300 minimum, not to exceed $500 for puppy under 12 months. In order to defray our expenses for rehabilitating your Collie and to help the next rescue Collie the above applicable donation will be payable immediately by check, cash, or money order upon adoption and delivery of the adopted Collie. Puppies less than 7 months old are adopted with vaccinations and vetting deemed appropriate for their age on a strictly enforced spay / neuter contract where the balance of necessary vetting and altering is at the Owners expense.

    Puppy pricing varies on a case by case basis and will be disclosed upon inquiry and prior to adoption. Please note that all Collies or Collie mixes are considered equals within our program.


    If you agree to the above-mentioned terms, please continue to our Adoption Application.


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